Episode 16 - bonus

After Hours: Design Ethics, Accountability, and Blowing Up The Table with Theresa Slate

Published on: 23rd February, 2021

You thought I was only dropping one After Hours segment on you. No, I've got to, you know, in this one, it's one of my favorite guests on the show. It's Theresa slate. She's a design lead at Northern Trust in Chicago.

So this segment is an extension of episode 12, around Enterprising Innovation. And in that discussion, we sent her around building out of legacy systems, enterprise experiences, and the challenges associated with that.  

Our discussion naturally touches on three areas.  The first being around design ethics and what that means, especially in 2021. What does accountability look like? And finally, Theresa reframes the phrase, "getting a seat at the table" to "blowing up the table". So you don't want to miss what she means by that.  


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