Episode 9

Becoming a Master Builder with Randall Wilson II

Published on: 8th September, 2020
In this episode, my guest is Randall Wilson II. I found the title 'Becoming a Master Builder' fitting for this episode because he is well on his way to achieving Lego Master Builder status (which we'll get into on the show), he build brands, has a background in architecture, manages a design team at Capital One and is a co-founder of the Hue Design Summit. I'll seek his wisdom, observations, challenges, and advice on how to execute a vision from the designer's lens. Hue Design Summit's Instagram: instagram.com/huedesignsummit Hue Design Summit's Twitter: twitter.com/huedesignsummit Randall's Instagram: instagram.com/therocfiles Hip Hop Lego's: instagram.com/mostincrediblestudio --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/gettechnical/support
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