Episode 47

Building Community with David Silva

Published on: 3rd October, 2022

David Silva is a web developer and founder of Techqueria, the largest community of Latinx professionals in the tech industry, with over 18,000 members. In this episode, we explore his tech path, from learning to code as a young child in Colombia to studying religion in Israel, working in startups in San Francisco, and finally settling in New York. We also talk about how difficult it can be to start a business as a minority and how important it is to find and create a community.

Jump straight into:

(01:27) - Icebreaker questions: David’s philosophy and mindset, his latest obsession, and the two words that describe him the most. 

(10:46) - Introducing David Silva: a man who is always around education and goes wherever his curiosity leads him. 

(14:45) - David’s journey to engineering. 

(17:14) - The biggest challenges of owning a consulting firm and working as a freelancer. 

(23:21) - The motivation behind TETA: a safe community for Latinos who work in tech. 

(30:17 ) - The importance of finding a community to encourage and empower one another. 


Episode Resources:

Connect with David through Instagram and Twitter.   

Techqueria | Homepage  

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