Episode 28

Design Operations, Systems, and Service Design with Dominique Ward

Published on: 28th September, 2021

In this episode of Technically Speaking, our host Harrison Wheeler sits with Dominique Ward, Design Operations Leader at Atlassian to talk about design operations, how to build a successful op team, and how to get into that career path in 2021. Join this conversation and learn what this silent but crucial part of design is pushing the industry forward every day. Plus listen to this amazing leader share her experience!

Jump straight into:

(01:30) - Who is Dominique Ward? Her career as a lead design of operations and some questions to get to know her better. 

(11:58) - What is design operations and some of its challenges: Amplifying the value and impact of design. 

(15:50) - How to build a design operations team today: The different versions of op teams, figuring out the stream of work, and understanding where pain points come from. 

(23:34) - Working in a dynamic collective experience: Ways of working and problem-solving in a complex, ever-changing environment. 

(25:59) - Getting into design operations in 2021: What is the career ladder into this “newer field”?

(29:06) - Dominique’s passions outside the office: Traveling, arts, and leaning into happiness. 

(34:07) - Some parting words of wisdom, embrace the remix!: “Innovative things have been taking what someone else has already started, and putting your own spin on it.”


Episode Resources:

Connect with Dominique through LinkedIn


Meredith Black Brant // Design Ops

Clubhouse | DesignOps Corner

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