Episode 38

New Principles, Open Environments and Design Beyond Screens with Jasmine Orange

Published on: 26th April, 2022

Jasmine Orange works as UX lead at Ernst & Young. In this episode, we talk about her background in industrial design and her passion for designing beyond the screens. Jasmine shares her vision on design principles that need to be fixed and the value of open communication within design environments. Join us and connect with Jasmine’s philosophy of hard work (and taking breaks)!

Jump straight into:

(02:15) - Breaking the ice with Jasmine Orange: Meet the talented designer and current UX lead at Ernst & Young.

(07:38) - Context over consistency: Ultramarathons, sign language, quantum computation and the need to improve accessibility guidelines in UX design.

(14:59) - Industrial design (with some digital aspects): Jasmine’s development process to become a lead designer.

(23:31) - Commitment or visualization? What was Jasmine’s intention when she decided out-loud to take the UX design path? 

(24:38) - Better research for new principles: How is Jasmine’s Masters program adding value to what she is doing now (and what she wants to do next)?

(28:03) - AR & VR’s missing layer: What are some other areas of design that Jasmine is passionate about?

(30:43) - Start a conversation: What’s the motivation behind Jasmine’s courage to do a lot of talks? What are the topics that she has covered?


Episode Resources:

Connect with Jasmine through LinkedIn and Twitter

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