Episode 31

Nothing Ever Really Dies, Designing in Public, and Tapping into Your Super Power with Rafe Chisolm

Published on: 19th October, 2021

In today’s episode our host Harrison Wheeler talks to Rafe Chisolm, product designer, twitter veteran, writer and design generalist, to talk about the potential of Twitter’s DMs, the value of networking, his trajectory in design, and the importance of using your talents in smart ways. Join this conversation to learn why a single weekend could transform your entire life if you’re willing to take the challenge. 

Jump straight into:

(01:28) - A serendipitous weekend: Who is Rafe Chisolm and how does one end up with a title like “the Design Generalist”?

(15:20) - Anti-prescribed linear trajectory: How Rafe used law school as a “shortcut” to study design.

(24:55) - The accelerated transformation of the AT‘Lanna design ecosystem.

(30:27) - On Twitter’s Fleets and the experiment that created a backlash around the platform’s accessibility.

(38:59) - The pursuit of the correct integration of new features alongside the evolution of technology and new generations. 

(41: 36) - Writing for Netflix, airdropping scripts, and the art of world-building: How to make the most out of your career by repurposing your talents.


Episode Resources:

Connect with Rafe through his website and Twitter


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