Episode 20

Wellness Through Storytelling with Mercy Bell and Alyssa Hart

Published on: 3rd August, 2021

In this first-ever Technically Speaking live stream from the SF Design Week, Harrison Wheeler talks on stage with Alyssa Hart and Mercy Bell, the creators of T4ke Care, a unique virtual wellness event and platform. Join in and listen to Mercy and Alyssa’s journey creating this beautiful multi-sensory project built on heartwarming human stories. 

Jump straight into:

(01:36) - Who are Mercy Bell and Alyssa Hart? The journey that led them into the wellness world and creating T4ke Care.

(07:02) - What makes this wellness event unique? The audio and multi-sensory experience of T4ke Care.

(11:37) -  The everyday storytellers of the true self-care journey and how Alyssa and Mercy captured these stories. 

(17:15) - Lessons learned and the project’s future: The beauty of vulnerability and collaboration.

(22:12) - Breaking down the story: The meta-tags to curate the experience and some of Alyssa’s and Mercy’s favorite stories. 

(30:37) - From the corporate space to wellness: How to find and maintain balance.

(36:06) - How can you be a part of the T4ke Care housewarming?

(38;13) - Q&A time: The future of T4ke Care, how to contribute to the project, and Mercy's karaoke moment. 


Episode Resources:

Connect with Mercy through LinkedIn

Connect with Alyssa through LinkedIn

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