Episode 41

Chaotic good with Timothy Bardlavens

Published on: 7th June, 2022

Timothy Bardlavens is a Product Design leader that works to combat misinformation and harmful content inside Meta apps. In this episode, Timothy has some interesting advice and views around chaotic-good leadership, transparency and accountability. Join us while we discover more about how integrity manifests itself organizationally and within a product inside Meta!

Jump straight into:

(01:13) - Introducing Timothy Bardlaves: Learn how this chaotic good soul is battling misinformation and harmful content on Meta platforms.

(10:40) - A celebration of Black art: How is Timothy approaching his new house renovation?

(14:39) - Where are Timothy’s aspirations focused on? What attracts him to leadership roles?

(20:06) - The multiplier effect: What are other ways to evaluate good leadership impact that aren’t necessarily based on deliverables?

(24:07) - The balance between being a counselor and a coach: What’s Timothy’s best advice for aspiring managers?

(26:05) - Transparency and openness: How does integrity manifest itself organizationally and within a product inside Meta?

(30:39) -  Safe for the individuals (and the leaders): How does Timothy envision building equitable organizations in 2022? How does that show up in Meta?

(37:30) - Building an All-Black team: How was it for Timothy to demonstrate to the world the power of a work team formed exclusively by black people?

(41:18) - Timothy's advice for people looking to find their voice (and why he finds his job so energizing).

Episode Resources:

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