Episode 32

Value-Based Decision Making, Hiring with a Growth Mindset, and Design for Cognitive Bias with David Dylan Thomas.

Published on: 26th October, 2021

In today’s episode our host Harrison Wheeler is joined by David Dylan Thomas, speaker, filmmaker, and author of Designed for Cognitive Bias, to talk about the fascinating world of cognitive biases, how they influence our day-to-day lives, the importance of sticking to a growth mindset and how to deal with impostor syndrome. Googling and learning from Wikipedia will never make you an expert, but it will definitely open doors for you. You don’t want to miss this conversation, so tune in now!

Jump straight into:

(01:33) - A cheerleader for inclusive design: Meet David Dylan Thomas.

(04:57) - On David’s passion for cognitive bias and the birth of the Cognitive Bias Podcast.

(09:38) - The outward effects of cognitive biases on our day to day lives and the problem with binary thinking.

(22:12) - Is a world without biases possible?: On thoughtful decision making and the importance of cultivating inclusion and collaboration. 

(25:33) - Design for Cognitive Bias: How David built an entire platform to share his work and expertise.

(34:13) - The secret sauce: On David’s experience design and the perspectives he brings to the table.

(39:27) - What’s next on David’s agenda?

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